Association members receive a monthly newsletter containing articles, updates and resources.


Association meetings are held in Richmond, once a month, September through to May. During meetings, members will listen to guest speakers, presentations and news from the beekeeping community. Members are also provided with an opportunity to network and share information and resources. Our meetings are  fun and include coffee, tea, sweets and a prize raffle.

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Events: Social Gatherings and Workshops

In addition to regular meetings, the Association arranges several social gatherings and workshops such as a field day and potluck, Bees and Beers informal gatherings at a rotating series of locations, and a Christmas party.  See the Events calendar for up-to-date information.

Mentorship Program

To support newer beekeepers, an educational presentation series and workshops are available. These presentations are often made by experienced, volunteer club members with a focus on starting out, traditional and unconventional hive construction options, colony maintenance and health.

Bee Buddy

Members have the opportunity to match up with fellow members and become Bee Buddies to each other providing the level of communication and assistance that is mutually agreed upon.

Equipment Rentals and Group Benefits

The association has a limited stock of equipment that is available for members to borrow.  Equipment includes a microscope, extractors, candle molds, wax foundation forms for making your own foundation and a small library of books.  Association members also organize group book and equipment orders and Iotron equipment irradiation.

Google Groups

To provide the opportunity to broadcast communicate with fellow club members, and to facilitate the sharing of resources and information, the RBA provides members with access to its Google Groups.  Members use Google Groups for discussion, education and help, as well as to buy and sell bees and equipment.  Members are welcome to register for Google Groups when paying annual membership fees. Note that any e-mails to go to all members participating in Google Groups.

If you are registered for Google Groups, you may review the active forum and archived content online.

Swarm List

Members who are interested in catching swarms are encouraged to sign the Club’s waiver and join the swarm list. If the association receives notice of a local swarm, members on the list will have an opportunity to retrieve the swarm and give it a new home. There is no cost to participate and swarms are free!

For more about swarms and the list, see the swarm page.