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Please be aware that we are a volunteer run association and cannot always respond to inquiries immediately.  We will do our best to answer you promptly, but we thank you in advance for your patience.

Please complete the contact form provided or email  To contact a member of the executive team, a coordinator or committee chair, please use the following links.

Executive Team

President – Fiona Gold –
Vice President – Eric Crosby –
Previous President – Tim Monaghan –
Treasurer – Miriam Soet –
Secretary – Christina Faminoff –
Newsletter Coordinator – Ian Cavén –
Webmaster – Ian Cavén –
Member at Large 1 – Shaidah Karim –
Member at Large 2 – Leslie Williams –
Member at Large 3 – Winston Wong –

Appointed Coordinators and Committee Chairs

Swarm List Coordinator – Eric Crosby –
Refreshment Coordinators – Rose Driedger and Michelle Clark