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RBA Monthly Meeting: Emily Huxter

February 13 @ 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Yes! A resumption in in person meetings thank you to club member Peter Nielson who has offered up a space that should allow us to both do in person and provide a good experience to those joining online.  We will be starting the meeting early at about 630 to allow for members to connect and newbies to ask questions of some of the experienced keepers that will be there.  There will also be a random draw for those in person.  The speaker portion will begin at 730, those participating online can join us then.

Emily Huxter owns and operates Wild Antho with her partner Shayne Doerksen. Wild Antho focuses on the production of stock/nucs and breeding queens. Emily took her first sting at about 2 weeks old while nursing and has had a connection with bees since then. The completion of a few degrees and over a decade of working for the Federal Government has driven her back to being a full-time beekeeper. Wild Antho strives to provide Canadian beekeepers with quality local early April queens. Our focus over the next few years is improving our overwintering of queens to provide beekeepers with a local queen option early.