08 Dec

November 8, 2016

Minutes for: November 8, 2016 Meeting Start time: 7:30pm Total # of people in Attendance: 47 Welcome : Opening Remarks and Introduction Tim welcomed the participants and 4 ‘newbees’ were introduced. Motion -motion to approve October minutes will be held over until next meeting as it needs amending. Treasurer’s Report Funds in account as of […]

03 Nov

October 11, 2016

Minutes for: October 11, 2016 Meeting held in Kinsmen Pavilion at Richmond Nature Park, 7:30 pm There were 53 people in attendance. Meeting called to order at 7:34 pm. Welcome : Opening Remarks and Introduction by Tim Monaghan Quick discussion and reminder of the BCHPA AGM this coming weekend 2 “Newbees” were introduced Speakers tonight […]

14 Sep

May 10, 2016

Minutes for: May 10, 2016 Meeting Start time: 7:34pm Total # of people in Attendance: 51               New Bees: 3 Opening Remarks by Tim Monaghan: Tonight we will start our mentor night, the 30 minute coffee break will have 2 members answering questions and fielding discussions about what ever you’d like to discuss. Tonight’s mentors will […]